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Our Mission

When it comes to technology projects, there’s no end of missed deadlines and over-budget expenses, even with the biggest names in the industry.  Tech Exchange Partners delivers your projects as and when, meeting and beating expectations: these are not empty words, but a code of conduct and our organizational philosophy, and we back it up with a pledge.

Tech Exchange Partners delivers or consults on your technology projects, with a focus on software, hardware, network, and engineering, and also places for short or extended-periods quality leaders, staff, and interns in your organization and IT department.

Here’s what we do and how you can benefit:

  • Undertake your projects with professional leaders and emerging-professional staff; thereby reducing your costs compared with alternative options
  • Tapping and nurturing talent, and drawing on the passion therein to get the project done as promised – and on time

Offer to you the option of then recruiting a team or individual member, familiar with your company culture, leadership and staff, department, systems and processes

  • Through relationships with leading universities, colleges, and technology schools, the best-in-class students are placed on your projects under our leadership – or directly in your organization
  • Coaching and training specifically for accelerating growth and capability, the staff on your project: training & development as an ongoing strategy for building sound and hallmark leadership
  • Ongoing relationships to build your department as you need it

As an example, in Chicago, we partner with the leading technology universities. Drawing on their under- and post-graduate pool of the top five percent of emerging professionals, which are placed under close supervision and guidance directly in your organization; Or, more often, as a team member under an experienced professional conducting your consultation or project. At the end of the project, defined term, or the student’s studies, you retain the option to acquire that emerging professional directly from us.

This way you have a long-term partner in addressing and adapting to your IT department and leadership needs.

Indeed, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you further, and determine ways in which our organizations can align.  Please contact me personally, in the first instance, to discuss with you the possibilities for unlocking and realizing efficiencies within your company.

President, TXP
Hasan S